Skiss, Barometern 2011  

What do you think of when you think of Sweden?

Skolan, Barometern 2011  

Sofia Arkelsten goes Hamlet  

"Multikulti" = ?  

Typo till illustration om nya betygssystemet, 2011

Stockholmsveckan på Gotland,  2011

Skiss, Barometern 2011  

Kulturpersonligheter uttalar sej i media

Lite för vana vid tekniken? 2011  

Skiss, Barometern 2011  

Text om HQ Bank 2011  

Essay about art and "common people"  

Sfera Magazine, St Petersburg, 2008 Article about medicines & marketing

Sofia Arkelsten kommenterar  

"If I just could jump a BIT higher" about being good enough

Skiss, ang teleförsäljare  

Åh tekniken!  

For an essay about running  

Essay about new photo law in Sweden  

Om Speed-dejting, 2011  

Essay about speaking out loud, say what you think!

Illustration for an article about  icons and symbols

Sfera Magazine, St Petersburg, 2008 Article about medicines & marketing

About "Fredagsmys", for an essay  

For an essay about curling parents  

For an article about Craig Venter / cells with a synthetic genome

Curling kids, curling parents  

Percy Barnevik till häst  

Sketch, article about defence  

About curling your kids - sketch  

Getting together, friday night  

Swedish politician, Peter Eriksson - for an essay before the election

Communications at the countryside , 2010

Article about medicines & marketing , Sfera Magazine, 2008

About needs and/or cravings, 2010  

Article about growing old, getting  experiences

Reward yourself! A bit.Sketch, 2010  

Interview with a new politician and about "Pizza-Sweden"

Essay about Human vs Nature  

Essay about The Nature and The Human being

About stressful reading  

Sketch for an article about art & freedom of speech

About rewarding yourself, 2010  

Sketch for an article about  freedom of speech

Sketch for article about defence  

Article about stressful reading  

Sfera Magazine, St Petersburg, 2008 Article about medicines & marketing

Article about age and experiences